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Crock Pot Chicken Fajita Taco Goodness

I LOVE cooking in my crock pot.  Why do I love crock pot cooking so much?  Because it is so E-A-S-Y.  I’ll be honest, crock pot cooking does take a smidgeon of time for preparation and planning, but it is so nice to have food ready and waiting for me at dinner time!  Another reason I’m obsessed with crock pot cooking is because I get home from work about 6:00pm and by that time all I want to do is sit on my fanny, crack open a beer or a bottle of wine and watch The Wheel.  I’m lazy, and standing in my kitchen for 30 minutes to an hour to cook something is the least of my concerns even though by that time I’m so hungry I am about ready to eat my arm.  Moving on.

I had been wanting to try out a recipe for crock pot chicken fajitas that I found on the blog Stacy Makes Cents via Pinterest.  At my bi-monthly grocery shopping trip last weekend, I bought everything I needed for this recipe because I knew I would make it when my craving for chicken fajitas hit, which happened to be last Sunday night.  Side note: Whenever I make a crock pot meal for the first time, I like to make it on a weekend so that I am at home to monitor the time and progress, which actually worked out in my favor yesterday.  I eneded up shortening the cook time by about 45 minutes and the meal was amazing!

I followed the receipe from Stacy’s blog (which you can find here), and here is how it went down:

I used these things –


Then I did this:

 And I mixed it all together like this:

Then, I mixed the seasonings together and sprinkled them on top:

And then I set the timer on my crock pot for 8 hours and skipped off to do things around the house:

A few hours later, the house started smelling so good that I was drooling.  I checked the crock pot around the 7 hour mark and decided to shred the chicken and let it soak in the juicy goodness for the last hour.  And when I say shred the chicken, I mean attempt to pick it up with a fork and watch it fall apart all by itself.  My dinner looked like this after 7 hours:

I know, it doesn’t look too appetizing.  But, when you shred it – it looks like this!

Not too long after the chicken shredding and the juice soaking, I came into the kitchen and found my husband eating out of the crockpot with his hands.  So, thanks to Stacy for sharing this delicious and easy meal for lazy people like me!  Brad and I scarfed down our dinner (we each had 3 tacos – oops) and we are having the leftovers tonight as a topping for baked potatoes.  Yum yum!


DIY T-shirt Tank Top

I spend about 1 hour of work each day browsing Pinterest for fun things (please don’t tell my boss), and I came across a do-it-yourself tank top out of a t-shirt.  Brilliant!  I mean, when I’m lounging around the house I like to be in a t-shirt, a sports bra, and athletic shorts or yoga pants or whatever.  But sometimes, the sleeves or the neck of a t-shirt will bother me and regular tank tops are too snug, which makes them uncomfortable for lounge time.  LBH, when I’m loungin, I don’t give a crap what I look like.  Long story short, I decided to try to make one of my t-shirts into a tank top for lounging around the house, working in the yard, or maybe wearing when I play sand volleyball.  I made one, I wore it, and now that’s all I wear!  Seriously, on a scale of 1-10, the comfort level of my t-shirt tank top is a 10.  How did I make this glorious t-shirt tank top?  Well, I’m so glad you asked!  Follow along to make your own t-shirt tank top!

First, I found a t-shirt that I didn’t really give a hoot about.  Then, I grabbed a pair of scissors from the knife set in my kitchen (side note: Calphalon knives are the bomb).  This t-shirt was my gift for participating in the 2010 Light the Night Walk in Dallas.  Its a medium and I usually wear a small, so I figured if I screwed up my project it wouldn’t matter because I never wear this t-shirt.

Instead of cutting off the sleeves separately, I decided to fold the t-shirt in half (hot dog style) so that all of my cuts would be symmetrical.

Now it’s time to slice off those sleeves!  I made my first cut at the top of the shirt, about 3 inches from the neckline.  I cut down in a slightly curved line until I got to the side of the shirt, about 2 inches down from the armpit.

Then, I cut off the neck line.  I started about 2 inches below the neckline in the center of the shirt and cut upwards in a slightly curved line until I reached the top of the shirt and was flush with the neckline.

Hey!  It looks like a tank top now!  If you unfold the tank top and lay it flat, you will have something that looks like a tank top your Dad wore during the family beach vacation in 1994.

To give the t-shirt tank top a little more flare, I tied the back of the tank top straps together.  You certainly don’t have to, but it makes the tank a little more feminine.  I didn’t bother to look for anything fancy to tie my straps together with, mainly because my craft boxes are underneath a giant mound of crap right now because we are still unpacking.  Instead, I cut a sliver of fabric (about 1/2 inch thick) from one of my discarded t-shirt sleeves.

I cut an opening in the fabric sliver so that I would have a straight piece of fabric to use as my strap tie.  Please excuse the obnoxious glare from the fluorescent lights in my kitchen.

Then I flipped my tank top over and bunched together the two straps on the back.  Hey – there is Slyder!!

And then I put the shirt face down on my kitchen counter (back straps still bunched together) so that I could tie them.  I tied my knot about 4 inches down from the top of the tank.

Wow.  That picture looks like a giant blob.  Let’s try that again.

I tied about 3 knots, but I suppose you could tie as many as you want.  I decided to leave the excess fabric from the tie and let it hang down to give the tank top a little more character.

Ta-da!!  It’s a t-shirt tank top!!  The whole project took about 10 minutes and is S-U-P-E-R easy!  Excuse me while I model my backside for you.  Disregard the color and wall paper trim in my master bathroom.  Painting is a priority on our house to-do list 🙂

Anywho, throw on your favorite sports bra and your t-shirt tank top and you are good to go for a weeknight or weekend of house-loungin’!

Alright, I know..  I’ve been slacking (again) on this whole blogging thing.  But, I have a really good excuse this time.  Husband and I closed on our house on March 29th and finally moved into OUR home!  Hence the blog slack.  See, isn’t it pretty!?

The house is 15 years old, so it naturally needs some TLC, but Husband and I are excited to tackle those projects little by little to make this house our own.  For starters, we had the 15 year old carpet replaced in the master bedroom with new carpet and had beautiful laminate wood floors put in the living room and formal dining room.  I wanted to replace all of the floors in the entire house, but then I realized I wasn’t made of money.  New floors a little at a time is better than no new floors at all, I suppose.  Anyway, I managed to get a before and after picture of the floor in the living room.  I don’t really consider this a project, because we didn’t install the floors ourselves, but I still think it’s worth sharing!

Out with the nasty, stained carpet:

And in with the new, super amazing laminate wood floors!

Like I said, we will make little updates here and there and I will try hard to remember to take before and after picture – stay tuned!!

New Home + New Floors + No Home Internet = Blog Slacking