Long Time No Blog – Around the House Project Update

Wow!  It’s been almost 5 months since my last post..  Eeek!  In my defense, I have been uber-busy doing things around the house (just ask my friends or family for verification).  A friends asks, “Hey Sarah – what are you and Brad doing this weekend?”  My response would be something like, “Oh, nothing really.  Just painting and doing stuff around the house.”  That’s been a pretty standard response from me for the last several months.

A few months ago, when my husband and I offered to host our family Thanksgiving dinner at our house, we also sat down and made a loooooooong “to-do” list of little projects we wanted to tackle before Thanksgiving.  Now that Thanksgiving is upon us, we have finished almost all of those small projects, resulting in some major improvements around our home!  I may have mentioned before that Brad and I are VERY stubborn and like to make every attempt possible to do things on our own before we ask for help.  You may remember reading about our Laundry Room Makeover, which was the first room transformation we did in our house.  We started with the laundry room because it’s the smallest space in our house and was the easiest to start and finish in the same day.  The next project was the guest bathroom.  Here’s what we were dealing with pre-makeover:





I mean, what’s going on here?!  The ivy wall paper banner at the top?  The sponge painted walls?  Not to mention, the chrome towel bars that were barely still attached to the wall.  ICK!  At first, I thought that all I needed was a fresh coat of paint to instantly make the room better..  Don’t get me wrong, the paint made a huge difference, but it also made me realize we needed a new light fixture, new shower curtain, and a new shower curtain rod.  Take a look at the end results:




I’ve seen several tutorials on how to frame a bathroom mirror, which I’d like to do eventually.  For now, I think our guest bathroom looks A LOT better than it did before 🙂

To provide you with some insight on the cost for our quick bathroom update:

Paint, Light Fixture, Light Switch, Electrical Outlet, and Switch Plates – $60 – Home Depot

Shower Curtain, Curtain Rod, and Curtain Hooks – $60 (paid for with a Gift Card) – Bed, Bath & Beyond

I peeled off the wall paper trim, painted, and hung the new shower curtain rod and curtain.  Brad installed the light fixture and replaced the old, manilla-colored light switch and plug with fresh new white ones 🙂  The whole project only took a weekend and it was fun for Brad and I to do together.

Stay tuned for more “Around the House Project Updates”.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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